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Brand Development Workshop

| Branding | No Comments

What’s Your Claim to Fame? A Brand Development Workshop for Small Business Owners & Rockstar Professionals From the Authors of Amplify Your Business: A Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success…

Authority Marketing Audit

Authority Marketing Audit

| Authority Marketing, Entrepreneur | No Comments

Steve Jobs. Daymond John. Barbara Corcoran. Richard Branson. Today’s top celebrities aren’t movie stars and musicians. They are entrepreneurs and business owners. These “Celebrepreneurs” have leveraged their expertise and personal…


Turning a Small Sale Into a Big Client

| Entrepreneur, Strategy | No Comments

At the end of April, the Rock My Image crew attended the GKIC Super Conference. One of the more memorable speakers was Loral Langemeier. During her presentation she addressed one of the…


Leads are Dead. Long Live the Buyer!

| Authority Marketing, Digital Marketing | No Comments

Would you rather have 10 leads or 1 buyer? The answer to the question may depend on a few factors but in general, a sure thing has more immediate value…

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