6 Reasons Why Self Publishing a Book is Good for Business

For three years, my partners and I had been gathering content and resource material for our book, Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success Vol. 1 in anticipation of a future publication. We had a proven approach, years of experience, and the hearts to inspire and lift up other small business owners and wanted to share that knowledge in a book.

As we neared the point where we needed to bring in an editor, I reached out to an associate who had recently publishedemotional intelligence her book for words of advice. Karen Nutter is a life coach and executive coach as well as the author of The Power of EQ: Stronger Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence. When I met with Karen in the fall of 2015 at her office in Jacksonville Beach, she shared with me many insights that made the book publishing process easier, but one thing she said in particular has stayed with me.

Karen said, “Jen, once you publish your book, people will look at you differently. You will have potential clients actually reach out to you versus you reaching out to them. It changes everything.”

At the time, I took what she said with a grain of salt. But, she was spot on! Our book came out in April 2016 and now I know that writing a book will change everything in your business and even your personal life. On the personal side, my teenage stepkids actually think I’m cool now. So, you know it must be worth it!

Although I’m kidding about my stepkids, I’m serious about writing a book and how it can change your business. Below are just six reasons why self-publishing a book is a good idea for business.

Self Publishing a Book Good for Business

  1. Gathers your ideas into a proven approach that can be marketed. This proven approach can be turned into a video series, online class, workshop, or keynote speech.
  2. Keeps you focused on one vision. Writing a book forces you to narrow your specialty and area of expertise, which benefits your marketing efforts.
  3. Gives you a tool to open doors with prospects. Send your hot prospect a copy of your book and feel great when they call you.
  4. Makes a great sales piece with meeting planners to book speaking opportunities. Get onto the main stage of your industry by using your book to land speaking opportunities.
  5. Establishes your industry authority. Prove your expertise and stand out from the crowd.
  6. Your competition isn’t doing it. Leave your competition in the dust and have fun doing it!

rmiAction Item: Take 15 minutes to write down what problem you solve and who you help. Next, without thinking about it too much, jot down the first 3 potential titles to your future book taking into consideration the problem you solve and who you help. Take that piece of paper and post it on your vision board or hang it up in your office.

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