6 Steps to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

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How does the idea of putting your marketing on autopilot so you can spend less time in prospect meetings and do fewer sales calls sound to you? Would you like to know how to increase the likelihood that a potential client will do business with you and reduce your sales cycle time? Does the idea of having clients clamor to work with you sound appealing?

When I first became a business owner over a decade ago, I was spending a large part of my week at networking meetings. My goal was to meet as many people as I could so that I could build my personal referral base. After making meaningful connections at events, I would try my best to stay in contact by setting up one-to-one meetings, attending lots of events, and doing tons of sales calls. While the relationships I made during that time are meaningful to me, I was running myself into the ground. The amount of time I was spending on sales and marketing was preventing me from working on other important aspects of my career. Also, I was limiting my client base to who was in my geographic area. I needed to make a change.

About 2 years ago, the team at Rock My Image and I began to automate our marketing efforts. The result has been transformational for our business! Now, I can focus on personal development and growing our business to include new revenue streams including on-line products, speaking opportunities, and national workshops. We are working smarter, not harder and revenues are up. We even have clients all across the country now.

Here’s an overview of how you can put your marketing on autopilot.

6 Steps to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

1. Set Up Your Funnel: Think about your client’s experience from their perspective. Consider all the ways they interact with your brand online. Get started by outlining the process from initial contact to sale. Start by keeping it simple.

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2. Build Awareness & Traffic: Getting your website in front of your potential clients is at the top of your sales funnel. There are various ways to create this traffic to your website.

Traffic sources include:
• Ads on social channels such as Facebook or YouTube.
• Pay Per Click (PPC) ads
• Retargeting ads
• Traditional advertising with unique Call To Action (CTA)

• Blog posts with a lead magnet built in
• Podcast
• Social media engagement
• Email marketing to your existing client list

Make sure you track and measure each one you use to test the Return of Investment (ROI) over time.

3. Generate Interest & Conversions: Getting your clients to your website is only the first step. The goal is to get the website visitor to take action. Each action your client takes, such as reading a blog, clicking on a product, or signing up for a newsletter is considered a Micro-conversion. A worthy micro-conversion is one in which there is an exchange of something valuable. In most cases, this will be your client’s email address in exchange for something they want – what you offer them is called a Lead Magnet. These days, clients want something substantial and irresistible to them in exchange for their information.

Lead Magnet Options:
• Ebook
• Video tutorial
• Checklist
• Resource list

4. Nurture your Relationships: Once you have their email, the goal is to nurture the sale through time as opposed to spam them. The overall goal is to move them from merely being interested in your product or service to purchasing it. This is referred to as nurturing a lead. Nurturing a lead takes time. Start small. Implement a series of email drip campaigns that invite the new customer to take another step in the process with you. Consider offering a product in the $9 to $19 range.

Lead Nurturing Products:
• Mini-course that solves a problem, possibly via a video series
• Book
• Toolkit
• A training webinar

5. Get the Upsell: Now that you have clients that are interested in doing continued business with you, go for the upsell for your high ticket item or experience. One option is carefully crafted landing pages to take them to additional services or products. Another is to package items together at a special price. Make sure your upsell offer is useful and irresistible.

6.Save Time & Money: When you invest in doing it right the first time, you avoid wasting the time and money it takes to fix it. Think through all of the steps in the process before you take action. Focus on one topic/problem and the solution. Make each step in the sales funnel relate to each other. Be patient and track through time.

Taking steps to put your marketing on autopilot will ensure you not only have more time to do the things you love, but will help you reach your business goals.