7 New Lead Magnet Ideas

By May 15, 2016Press

If you want to be seen as an authority in your industry, incorporating lead magnets into your marketing is a vital component. Lead magnets are pieces of content you develop and provide to your audience for free in exchange for their email. The collection of the email is important because you will nurture your prospects through time and build your online sales funnel. Prospects aren’t always ready to buy on their first contact with your website and the lead magnet ensures you can stay in contact and top of mind through the buying process.

Ebooks and PDF downloads are popular lead magnets mostly because for the marketer, they are fairly simple to create. All it takes is some decently written content and an email delivery system and you’re in business. However, the Rockstar Professional is always looking to level up our game, and we must constantly be implementing new lead magnet ideas.

sally hogshead

Kenny Harper, Sally Hogshead, Manny Torres GKIC SuperConference 2016

Industry leader Sally Hogshead is a prime example of a Rockstar Professional using sophisticated lead magnets. On her website she provides access to a free report on how the world sees you. The user answers a series of questions via the website and a report is generated about their personal brand. The entire experience provides value to the user. It is fun, interesting and engaging. I actually look forward to the marketing emails she will send me as a follow up because she delivers great value!

7 New Online Lead Magnet Ideas

(these should be provided for FREE in exchange for an email)

  1. Chapter or copy of your book
  2. Industry report
  3. Exclusive informative video
  4. Assessment or quiz
  5. Gear list or tools you use
  6. Checklist for how to do something
  7. Free software trial

If your website traffic is producing lackluster lead results, it’s time to up your game and either implement or improve your lead magnet.

This week, block time on your schedule to develop your next level lead magnet idea. Whether it’s an online assessment, a list of tools you use, or a free report, improving the quality of your lead magnet will improve the quality and quantity of your leads.