Attract More Prospects with The GRAB Approach

Generate More Leads Part 2


In our previous video we discussed The Conversion Equation Part 1, The Buyer’s Journey and how important it is to realize that 99% of people are not RIGHT NOW buyers.

Most people are playing small because they are marketing to try to get RIGHT NOW buyers.

They are marketing for that less than one percent.

Amplifiers realize the better strategy is to Generate Leads, Nurture Relationships and Gain Business through time.

Following this strategy, you still can gain RIGHT NOW buyers but also begin building a LIST of LEADS and prospects to nurture and grow through time.

Most businesses focus on the low-hanging fruit. Amplifiers focus on the whole tree! : )

If you don’t stay connected with your leads and prospects, someone else definitely will.

In this video, we’re going over The Conversion Equation (Part II) and discussing The GRAB Approach.


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