How Content Marketing Builds Your Audience

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At the GKIC Superconference 2016, Frank Catana, the marketing genius behind spoke to a small group of marketing experts about how the entertainment industry has infiltrated the business environment. Celebrity endorsements, product placements in television shows and movies, and the ever increasing expectation of consumers to be entertained while being marketed to has set a high standard for brands.

From small business to big brands, if you want your message to be heard, you need to be providing value to today’s savvy customer. Value can come in the form of knowledge, entertainment or education.

Frank recruited William Shatner to be the spokesperson for and shared how they had massive success once they started empowering the consumer to “name your price” or in the instance of another project he launched, “run a free report on yourself.”

Combining celebrity endorsements (entertainment) with great value (free reports) has proven to be a formula for success.

This approach is knows as Pull Marketing. Pull Marketing literally “pulls” the consumer to your brand versus “push” marketing which interrupts and provides little value to the consumer.

Content Marketing

3 Examples of Pull Marketing

  • Product placement in TV shows
  • Free ebooks as a website download (Freemium)
  • Podcast interviews with industry leaders

3 Examples of Push Marketing

  • TV ads during your favorite show
  • Website pop-ups
  • Radio commercials during your drive time

Today’s leading marketing techniques go beyond “pushing” messages on consumers. Creating interesting helpful and relevant content is key to building your audience and creating a legion of loyal supporters and fans.

While you’re watching TV this week, begin to take notice of how often you see products placed inside the story lines of your favorite shows, movies and interviews. They will be used by the characters and may be so seamless you hardly notice, or they may be obvious.

Also, start to pay attention to the techniques brands use to get you to request information from them like a free report or download.

Begin to brainstorm ways you could use similar ideas in your marketing.

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