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By August 29, 2014Digital Marketing
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Video Marketing is a hot topic right now due to the effectiveness of video to tell a story, drive emotion and get people to take action.

In July 2014, The JOMM (Jacksonville Online Marketing MeetUp) featured Andrew Fallon of TigerLily Media and Chris Kennelly of Kennetic Productions on a panel discussing Current Trends in Video Marketing. Below are some of the common threads of the discussion.

A few current trends in video marketing include:

1. Tell a Story

Chris Kennelly of Kennetic Productions discussed how important it is to find the passion and the “why you do what you do.” People will tune out your agenda because it serves you, not them. However, behind most businesses there is a passion of why people do what they do that people can relate to and stand behind. Chris brought up Macintosh as an example where people buy into the idea of innovation, not the bells and whistles.

Andrew Fallon shared a commercial that TigerLily produced of well known chicken restaurant Zaxby’s that didn’t even mention chicken. Instead it used imagery, creativity and clever messaging to deliver a memorable experience. People know they sell chicken, but the allure of the experience is what sells it… plus it happens to taste pretty good.


(L-R) Michael Glinsky, Chris Kennelly, Andrew Fallon and Kenny Harper.

2. Short & Sweet

Videos are becoming both shorter, more creative, and mixing art with commerce. And people like it that way. Your marketing message should not drone on and on trying to discuss products and features, a video should capture the attention and be memorable.

3. Affordability

Video advertising is growing quickly due to the affordability of it in comparison to traditional marketing spends. With video marketing, the video may be posted online, viewed, and then shared. It stays visible in the marketplace and can gain momentum and more viewers over time without being limited by the run dates of a commercial schedule.

4. Content Marketing is In, Interruption is Out

Enjoying refreshments at The JOMM

Enjoying refreshments at The JOMM

In a crowded marketplace with media distractions abound, it is important to present your message in a way that won’t “push” your agenda, but “pull” customers to you. Through the creation of video content that people are searching for your chances of success are greater than if you only used traditional advertising methods that “push” marketing messages.

5. Be Bold & #RockIt

In summary, video can be a highly effective way to EARN attention for your brand and company. Being creative, keeping it short and sweet, and making it appealing to your customer (not a sales pitch) will help you stand out.

TigerLily Media Reel

Tigerlily Media Video Reel

TigerLily Media Reel 2014 from TigerLily Media on Vimeo.

Kennetic Productions Reel

Kennetic Reel from Kennetic Productions on Vimeo.


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