Developing Your Brand Promise

By April 6, 2016Branding

A Brand Promise is the expression and delivery of the brand experience made between your brand and your customers- the tangible benefit your they will receive from you. Not having a clearly defined or kept Brand Promise is one sure way your reputation and sales will decline. Developing your Brand Promise will help ensure a compelling and consistent customer experience from the first marketing impression to after the sale. Follow these tips to develop a Brand Promise your business can effectively communicate and keep.

Your Brand Promise

There are three main concepts your Brand Promise must do:

  1. Communicate Unique Benefits
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Deliver Consistently

Communicate Unique Benefits

Your Brand Promise needs to clearly set you apart from your competition. It may be tempting to promise what everyone else is promising, but that will only make you a part of the crowd rather than make you stand out from it. What can your brand offer or deliver that others can’t?

Be Authentic

Authentic is defined as: 1. real or genuine : not copied or false 2. true and accurate 3. made to be or look just like an original. Your Brand Promise should express what original and genuine experiences your customers can expect from your brand. Not sure where to begin? Consider hiring a professional branding team that can help you define your values, unique point of view, and claim to fame.

Be Consistent

Being consistent means keeping your promise from start to finish and with every encounter and touchpoint. If your business is new, before making your Brand Promise, think through the customer journey and all the touchpoints involved in your marketing, sales and customer service experience to identify any issues that would hinder you from keeping it.

If your business is established, make time to do a Brand Promise review to ensure it is still relevant and valid to your business today. To deliver consistency, you will also need to ensure it is being effectively communicated to employees from the top down. Whether it’s a new business or established, ensure your Brand Promise is well communicated and consistent.

PRO TIP: A well developed Brand Promise should also be used as a touchstone to make better decisions in your business. If a decision doesn’t help you deliver on your brand promise, then it won’t move your business forward.

Taking the time to create a well defined Brand Promise will ensure your business is off to a great start and stays on the path to success.