Email Marketing: Get in the Inbox & Avoid Email Jail

By November 18, 2015Press
AMA SharpSpring Webinar on Email Marketing

Get in the Inbox, Stay Out of the Lock Box

Email Marketing

AMA Webinar

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It’s time to end crime – the crime of crappy marketing emails.

You’ve seen them – psychotic subject lines, confusing calls to action, less-than-hero images, criminal content, and the capital offense – Comic Sans…in purple.

Or perhaps you haven’t seen them – because they’ve gone to your junk folder. Spam belongs in the prison pantry, and we’re going to show you how to stay out of the Big House of bad email.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll bring an offending email into the courtroom and reform it before your eyes. From subject line to footer, you’ll see an inspiring before and after.

“Judge” Manny Torres of Rock My Image and SharpSpring’s Aletha Royer, “Esq.,” will highlight:

  • Email content good behavior that increases relevance and gets healthy open and click rates.
  • The anti-crime list of things to check before you hit send, from code totags.
  • How to do a background check on your house list and other emaildeliverability secrets.
  • Life after “Send”: A/B testing and other tips for survival on the ‘outside.’

Tune in for 10 Ways to End Crimes Against “Spam-anity.”  Because 10-to-life’s too short for capital email offenses.

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