How to Engage Your Customers & Increase Lifetime Value

By April 3, 2018Strategy
How to Engage Your Customers and Build Lifetime Value

How to Engage Your Customers and Build Lifetime Value

Do you remember the early days when you were excited to receive an email? Unfortunately, the novelty of the email is long forgotten. The increasing numbers of emails makes it extremely difficult to reach, much less engage your customers.

with that in mind…

How do you maintain engagement with the customers who you worked so hard to attract?

How can you reach your customers with all the noise that is currently overloading their world?

The answer is simpler than you may think.

In this video, Rock My Image Co-Founders Kenny Harper and Manny Torres discuss a strategy that has been in play for decades and consistently produces a high return on investment. You will learn the secrets of how to implement this strategy in a way that will engage your customers and increase their lifetime value.

Best of all, most of your competition isn’t using this strategy.

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