Experts of Influence – Official GKIC Jacksonville Business Growth Chapter

Experts of Influence

Being an entrepreneur in Jacksonville, Florida can be a challenge!

  • Your friends think you’re a recluse.
  • Your family struggles to remember your face.
  • You sometimes (ok – often times) question your own sanity.

Kenny & GKIC's Nick LoiseBut it doesn’t have to be that way, anymore!

Announcing the Creation of the “Experts of Influence” Business Growth Club, the GKIC Official Jacksonville Chapter!

Kenny Harper here, Co-Founder of Rock My Image and let me first say that I’m so glad you are Jacksonville based and a supporter of the GKIC community of entrepreneurs.

I’m excited to announce that as an Entrepreneur in Jacksonville you now have a new exclusive resource available to you right in your own backyard that will help you make major strides forward in your business.

I’m talking about a business throw-down where:

  • You will hang out with like-minded entrepreneurs who GET you!
  • Learn Brass-Balls style marketing to propel your business BEYOND the “next level” and into the financial stratosphere!
  • You’re guaranteed to leave each and every get-together with a plan on how to implement the techniques discussed that evening!

RMI & GKIC's AJIt’s true! The new GKIC Jacksonville Chapter has just opened its doors, offering you:

  • Special Presentations: Each month, you’ll learn firsthand from our Jacksonville business growth experts using GKIC content EXACTLY how you can create effective jaw-dropping marketing campaigns with measurable results. You’ll not only know HOW to do it, but you’ll leave with actionable ideas and a plan so you can easily implement them right away – GUARANTEED!
  • Networking Opportunities: Escape for a few hours to meet with other driven and like-minded professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in a fun, empowering setting. You’ll find a support system, connect with potential collaborators and meet other successful business owners.
  • Expert Guidance: No theory here. You’ll gain access to real-world experience. Plus, the Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor (CMMA) leading your chapter focuses 100% on giving you the tools, strategies, and feedback you need to rapidly advance your business.
  • Hot Seat: You’ll have the opportunity to present your business, advertising, and marketing ideas to others inside this special GKIC community and get feedback that will make your business more profitable and your marketing stronger.

And Much More! We will also have special guest speakers and presentations, have members form joint ventures or collaborate with each other, or offer special prizes simply for showing up and working on your business.

Join Experts of Influence Business Growth Chapter, an Official GKIC Jacksonville Chapter and be a part of THE global community of entrepreneurs; providing cutting edge, market tested business and marketing mentorship, ideas, solutions, products and support.

If you are ready to:

  • Explode your business potential to reach higher levels of freedom, success, and income…
  • Discover how FUN entrepreneurship can be by learning how to diversify your marketing strategies and leverage proven models that attract more leads, make more sales, and increase profits…
  • Discover and understand better how to apply GKIC-style marketing to your business.

Let’s rock!

Kenny Harper
Rock My Image