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Katie Barnes
Marketing Strategist

Cindy Hanauer
CEO at Grand Central Floral

Alicia Ross
Just Add Rhythm Events

Vicky Zelen
Property & Casualty Insurance

Brian Castellani
CEO of Yoganomics

Celine Parot
National Director Juice Plus

John Olson
Doctor PC

Casie Garrett
Draco Productions

Bob Zinsser
Owner of Get in the Game

Additional Raving Fans of Rock My Image


“Already I have hammered away for The Warm Milk Journal LLC a bold vision statement, a mission statement, a list of all present, coming soon, and developing products and services, a list of bookable topics that I will do in the future, a profile of my customers, have narrowed down four essential values that my company is about, and I am crystal clear about my “why”. I have been “blocked” with all of these things for months and now they just came out. How is that for a productive day? Please allow me to provide a testimonial for your team. You really helped me. Thank you so much. Cheers!”-Debbie DiPietro, Author & Award Winning Blogger

Jason Odom

“Rock My Image has peeled back the layers of the onion and gone deeper inside the process and WOW!!!  There will be amazing results!!” — W. Jason Odom, Attorney

Katie Barnes

“Jen was able to help me figure out in 2 hours what I have been trying to figure out on my own for over 2 years. Together with the mastermind group and a strong commitment to navigating outside my comfort zone, my business goals have been clarified and expedited. Working together with the Rock My Image team is one of the best investments I have made all year. ” -Karen Barnes Rivera, KBar Productions

“Rock My Image has given us the guidance to position Steve Watrell and our firm as the go-to expert for Elder Abuse Cases. Our number of elder abuse cases has increased dramatically over the last year and half. Being known as The Nursing Home Abuse Legal Expert™ has also generated numerous referrals from other attorneys who do not specialize in this area or do not have the depth of experience that our firm has.” – April Tapp, Law Firm of Steve Watrell

Marcia King

“Attended the Mastermind hosted by Rock My Image and all I can say is ‘Amazing!’ I’m working on my 90 Day Action Plan this afternoon! I was so stoked and excited there was no way I could go to the office and work. I drove to my favorite place, ‘the beach’, to brainstorm.” – Marcia King

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