How to Create a Revenue Producing Drip Campaign

By December 10, 2018Business Growth, Strategy
Revenue Producing Drip Campaign

Have you heard of a drip campaign?

How to Create a Revenue Producing Drip Campaign.

A drip campaign is a process that works to nurture your clients and increase sales conversions.

Do you have one working for YOUR business?

They are powerful… but most businesses aren’t leveraging them effectively.

Did you know 44% of business owners give up after one follow-up.

HOWEVER » 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups.

In other words, 44% of business owners aren’t putting in 20% of the effort needed to close the deal.

Don’t leave money on the table. Be a Rockstar Professional and leverage a SYSTEM to ensure success.

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Strategy #4. How To Create a Revenue Producing Drip Campaign.

Would you benefit from having a drip campaign for YOUR business?

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