Key Elements To a Brand that Rocks

By April 16, 2016Branding
brand that rocks

If we think of a modern day music festival as a metaphor for the business environment, we could picture a crowded outdoor venue packed with fans and audience members and performers on various stages seeking to gain the attention and admiration of the festival goers. The performers would each have their unique sound, interesting visual show and entertaining stage presence to stand out.

In the business environment, our potential customers and clients are the fans and we and our competition are the performers. Much like a musician’s stage show is their signature, a business’ brand is their signature and important to helping them stand out to build an audience.

To be most effective at earning the spotlight, there are key elements to a brand that rocks.

Professionally Developed and Designed– Remember that old saying “You get what you pay for”? It holds true when developing and designing the elements of your brand. Remember, this is the foundation of your company. A strong foundation sets the stage for future growth. An investment on the front end in professional brand development and design will save you in the long run.

Consistency– Have you ever noticed that the national brands all have a recognizable look to their marketing that goes beyond just their logo design? Across all platforms be it social media, television or print, the brand is consistent and recognizable. This consistency is accomplished because they have clearly defined brand standards and use a brand style guide to communicate them internally. To have a national brand worthy image, develop a brand standard and ensure it is shared with all employees and third parties doing marketing or advertising to ensure consistency in your look and feel.

Stay Unique– When your competition zigs, you should zag. Some of the most successful brands are ones that have updated their brand by taking a unique approach to their image and message such as Geico, Old Spice, and Dollar Shave. These brands have taken risks to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Connect With Your Audience– By focusing on your core values and conveying them with your brand, you build a stronger connection with your audience. Ask yourself, if your Mission was a movement, would you buy in? Find a way to compel your audience to not only join you on your Mission, but be raving fans that help achieve it.

Deliver a Promise– A Brand Promise is the expression and delivery of the brand experience made between that brand and its customers- the tangible benefit your customer will receive from you. Developing your Brand Promise will help ensure a compelling and consistent customer experience from the first marketing impression to after the sale. Dominoes took over the pizza business by being the first to implement a brand promise in a time when no one else was “Hot Pizza in 30 minutes, or it’s free.”

Grow with Your Business– A successful brand changes over time as it adapts to its market, what customers want, technology, and industry changes. Set time aside each year to review your brand messaging and look to ensure that is still aligned with your vision and mission.

If you want to deliver a rockstar worthy brand experience and build your audience then continuing to improve your brand is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. Make it professional, consistent, relevant, and unique.

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