We are Marketing Strategists Building our Client’s Income, Influence & Impact

As a business owner, you may be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with marketing efforts that are not producing the intended results. We get it! We hear from people every day just like you who are looking for answers to their business growth questions and are fed up with lackluster results.

The good news is that you are just one decision away from a better business.

There is a lot of bad information being handed out by so-called “marketing gurus” that promise the next quick fix tactic, tip, or tool.

Our company takes a different approach. We offer proven, strategic marketing solutions that get results.

The main problem we solve is lack of leads. Not having a predictable, replicable, scaleable system for generating leads is the #1 issue facing business owners today. So, we have a solution for that problem: our Simply Sell and Convert System™ which makes your messaging irresistible to your patients, clients, or customers.

You may also require tools and systems for elevating your brand, following up with leads, and closing more sales. We can help with that too.



When you’ve reached a roadblock in your own marketing efforts and want to save time and money, reach out to Rock My Image. We have proven strategies that work for businesses in any industry, but specialize in helping service based professionals in medical, health, wellness, real estate, and legal services. Our areas of expertise includes direct response messaging, sales funnel design, marketing automation, email marketing, and brand building. Let us help you get past the overwhelm and frustration and get back to business.



If you have a message to share and an impact to make, call Rock My Image to design and develop a mobile-friendly website that converts. We begin with messaging and content that connects, design attention getting website and sales funnels, and back it up with fully automated marketing systems. Don’t settle for a website that is just a fancy brochure and produces no result. Turn your website into a silent sales person that works for you 24/7/365.




Did you know that business owners spend 80% of their time working efforts that are not revenue generating? No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed! Let us help relieve your frustration with marketing automation that streamlines and systemizes your online and offline marketing for rockstar results. By leveraging technology and some good old fashioned common sense sales principles, we can boost your business to the next level.