We are Brand Managers Building our Client’s Influence

Rock My Image is a partner-owned Attraction Marketing agency. We provide marketing solutions rooted in brand building that are innovative, engaging and worthy of “Rock Star” status. We use our creative insight and proven marketing approach to position our clients as experts, build the tools and systems they need to reach their goals, and implement plans that garner results.

Issues You May Be Facing:

    1. Frustration from managing multiple marketing vendors.
    2. Not seeing measurable and trackable results through time.
    3. Marketing messages that look and sound like everyone else.
    4. An outdated website that doesn’t reflect your vision.
    5. Inconsistent and erratic communications with top clients and prospects.
    6. Having no marketing strategy & systems leading to wasted time and money.
    7. Missing the opportunity to share your story with an audience.
    8. Tough competition and the need to be seen as a thought leader.


Goal: You seek to grow your digital footprint & brand online. An agency partner is needed to develop, manage & report on the success of your overall digital marketing efforts including brand and image development, online tools creation and optimization and effective, results-oriented marketing that pulls new prospects to you to create community, raving fans, and clients, customers, or patients.

Capture your bold vision.

Craft your story.

Connect with your audience.

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Attraction Marketing Services We Offer:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Business Expert Strategy
  • Publicity
  • Event Marketing
  • Infomarketing
  • Sales Strategy