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By March 24, 2015Entrepreneur
Kenny sharing marketing tips at One Spark Creator Academy

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Featured Picture: Kenny Harper presenting Marketing Pre, During & Post Event at One Spark Creator Academy. Photo taken by Al Emerick of Al Emerick Productions.

One Spark 2015 is around the corner and we have been working to prepare for a successful event. Recently Rock My Image’s Kenny Harper participated as a presenter to the One Spark Creator Academy sharing marketing tips and insights. Below are a list of items to consider to coordinate before the event.

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Items for Creators to Consider Pre-One Spark

Hey creators, Kenny Harper here looking to share a few items of insight with you. I had a good time sharing some ideas with the Creator Academy recently and thought I’d share some of the info online. Please keep in mind, the info below is not everything that you need to do before participating in One Spark, it is an outline of the Top Ten Pre-Event action items that I suggest for success. This list assumes that you already have your general project ideas in mind, general branding and messaging developed. If you don’t have the basics, you may want to start there first.

  1. Define SMART Goals:
    Before spending time and money executing it is highly helpful to define SMART Goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Oriented goals. IF you don’t set your target of what you ideally want to achieve, the chances of hitting it are small.
  2. Know Your Targets:
    Know who you are trying to target. Are you targeting Businesses or Consumers? What is their demographic? What do they like? FYI – “Everybody” is not a target. You can talk to anybody but your target should have a specific target. Know that going in and craft your efforts around it.
  3. Craft Your Story & Share:
    One Spark is really cool because it includes a lot of different people trying to create things and concepts. People like to hear the stories behind the projects. What are you creating? How did it come to be? What is your Dream? What are your Goals? What are the next steps in your Project?
  4. Outline Your Strategies:
    Don’t just plan to show up, pass out cards, ask for votes and call it a day. That would be a waste of time for most Creators. Develop a well thought out plan that can help achieve your goals, Before, During and After the event. Outline it in detail and create a backup plan. Share with any team members so everyone knows the plan.
  5. Choose Your Tools:
    Technology gives us many options for Tools, in fact it gives us too many. Select the tools you are going to use for your marketing efforts at One Spark. Be sure to think about how the tools are actually helping you achieve your goal. Tools to consider: Social Sharing, Lead Capture, Project Management.
  6. Practice Your Pitch:
    You’ll definitely get a lot of practice practicing your pitch at One Spark, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your pitch will be more effective. A good pitch is quick, helps someone easily understand what your project is, what you are looking to achieve and what actions you want people to take. Keep it simple and don’t get technical.
  7. Design & Order Creative:
    If you have fliers, posters or other creative collateral, you want to be sure you order them in time to get them before the event starts. Keep in mind while collateral is helpful, people will be getting a lot of it, if you don’t have a clear Call to Action, you may be handing out paper for the sake of handing out paper.
  8. Let Your Passion Shine:
    Remember why you are involved in your project to begin with and let your passion shine through everything you do from your pitch and creative to your social and attitude.
  9. Develop Your Team w/ Roles:
    If you’re lucky to have a team help you with getting your idea out there, be sure to define clear roles and goals for everybody on your team. This will help ensure people are being as efficient as possible. This also helps to recruit volunteers as well.
  10. Have a Clear Call to Action:
    Again, don’t focus so much on the goal of getting people to vote that you don’t have any plan defined for what to do with people that are interested in your project. If you want people to take a particular action, make it clear and make it easy.

The most important thing for success is to be prepared. We hope this blog and our additional blogs will help give you a few insights for leveraging One Spark. Good luck!

Al Emerick shares insights at One Spark Creator Academy 2015.

Al Emerick shares insights at One Spark Creator Academy 2015.

B2B Creators, we’re looking to connect.

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Testimonial for the One Spark Creator Academy:

“As a guest presenter, I did not know what I’d actually take away from being involved in the One Spark Creator Academy. I knew it’d be quality programming but thought it may provide  basic information that I’d already have acquired. I was incorrect.

Al Emerick put together a beast of a workshop with very talented presenters sharing valuable insights. Al himself is an awesome talent and a wizard of helping people pitch their projects. I was very pleased and highly recommend anybody even considering participating in One Spark to register for Creator Academy events.” – Kenny Harper

* Rock My Image or this content is not officially endorsed or sponsored by One Spark.