Professional Rockstar VS. Rockstar Professional

By March 21, 2017Branding

What does it take to be a Rockstar Professional?

A rock star is one who is at the top of their game, has an audience of raving fans and is rewarded for their talents. This is true in music and in business. To be a rockstar professional means that you are at the top of your game, regardless of the industry.

To understand what it takes to be a Rockstar Professional, you can actually learn a lot from Professional Rockstars. Recently, Kenny Harper of Rock My Image shared his personal experience transitioning from being a Professional Rockstar in the music industry to a Rockstar Professional in business and what he learned along the way.

Professional rockstar versus rockstar professional – what’s the difference?

Being a Rockstar

Before I was in business, I was once on the music circuit playing in a band. As a little boy growing up I really liked being creative and had a big imagination. I was introduced to music at a young age and realized that music is a way that you can tap into your creativity and connect with people and it’s really cool because you can express yourself and people will listen.

I went to my first concert at 14 years old and was inspired by the band up on stage. It was really great to see these guys who were using their true gifts, following a passion and just living a life full of excitement. It was really a mind blowing experience. And as I started to get into the music world I realized that I knew how to play music and I could create songs but I didn’t know the business behind being a professional musician. There’s a whole team behind any artist you know that is popular. Any artist is a production and result of the work of a team of people who come together to build the persona and the business of that musician.

Being a Rockstar Professional

Once upon a time, if you were not a movie star, or a professional rockstar, or an amazing, award-winning sports athlete or political dignitary, people wouldn’t get the chance to know who you are or what you did. It was hard to spread a message out there. Now with technology you can take your message and you can amplify it, getting it to a lot of different people. And you can identify and create your own personal brand so people know who you are, what you do, and the higher purpose you serve.

And that is what the concept of being a rockstar professional is. You can be a professional in any different background so whether you’re in construction, you’re in health, you’re a realtor, you do cooking; whatever it is that you do, even if you’re in music – you can still be a rockstar professional. Because you’re going to look at who’s behind your job function and you’re going to work on developing your personal brand and creating a team of people to run your systems. You should be living with the idea that you’re going to be entertaining, informative and serve people, using your unique gifts, following your true passion and serving your higher purpose.

At Rock My Image we believe that’s how you can thrive in life.

I have realized that what I want to do is help people. I don’t really care about fame, fortune or having a lot of material possessions. But I realize now that you need a certain level of fame, people need to know who you are. And money doesn’t drive me either. But I’ve come to realize that you need money in order to make a movement. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are the biggest philanthropists.

You need to not only pay attention to being really good at what you do, but you need to know how to monetize it, spread your message, and how to treat it like a business. When you’re doing that, when you’re following those ideas and thinking about elevating your status so you’re not just doing your work, you’re raising your influence so you can help more people; make a bigger impact and contribution to the world. And you’re developing business systems that help you monetize it, and turn it to a profitable, scalable business. That is the concept behind the Rockstar Professional.

Living an Inspired Life

I am inspired to use the knowledge that I’ve gained through my career and my marketing, branding, web design experience to help entrepreneurs who want to create a brand and make a bigger difference and impact in the world. I aim to inspire 100,000 entrepreneurs to thrive in life.

I am looking to connect with people. If you are reading this and think, “I would like to make a bigger impact. I would like to do something where I am using my unique gifts, following my true passion and serving my purpose,” then drop me a line, I would love to hear more.

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Whatever it is you are looking to do, give it your all. Right now, you are at the performance of your lifetime, it’s called your life; make it count! And thank you for all the guiding stars and inspirations that have inspired me to follow my dreams, and serve my higher purpose. Rock on!

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