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At Rock My Image our core values include not being afraid to go against the grain and do things a bit differently than the status quo. These values have driven us as entrepreneurs and business owners even when the days are long, the weekends short and the hustle at warp speed.

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Our approach isn’t for every client and we’re ok with that. But, it’s helped us to define our ideal clients as those business owners with the same can-do attitude and creative mindset. So, when we first met Dr. Ronald Fudala about his branding and website design needs we instantly connected with him because of his infectious personality, non-conformist approach to healthcare and the fact that he drives a motorcycle and is a super cool guy.

Dr. Fudala has identified a problem in the healthcare system that needs to be fixed: the need for back pain sufferers to get impartial advice, cost effectively and without clutter and confusion. This service is very rare and a new concept in a medical system that is bogged down with restraints leaving patients frustrated.

We think Dr. Fudala embodies the #rockit attitude and are honored to be the creative agency that has helped to launch his brand.

If you or someone you know is suffering from back pain and seeking answers, visit There you can download a FREE ebook “Who’s Got Your Back?” that he wrote chock full of info. You can also get more insight on his Facebook page.