The Rock My Image team will host this exciting event in sunny Downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

By attending the Power Days, you will gain a clear understanding of the entire Rockstar Professional’s Blueprint™ and know how to position your business and brand for success. You will also create an action plan for how to move your business goals forward.

At the end of the Jumpstart event, you will be set up for success and armed to make better marketing decisions that will save you countless hours and eliminate frustration by knowing how to position yourself in your industry, the game-changing action steps to take, and which tools and systems can help you accomplish more faster.

The Problem We Solve:

You should attend this workshop if you are looking to

1.) understand how to put your marketing on autopilot using sales funnels and

2.) market your business using media & publicity, speaking, podcasts, webinars and more.

The Solution You Will Receive:

You will walk away with

1.) a clear understanding of how to create simple and effective sales funnels and

2.) peace of mind, confidence and clarity gained from having your authority marketing action plan defined.


The Rockstar Professional Jumpstart Power Days is uniquely designed for the professional who is looking to grow their business, build their personal brand and leverage Attraction Marketing into speaking engagements, book authorship or scalable revenue, new business opportunities, and to be seen as an expert in their industry.

The event has been created to provide business outcomes and personal growth in an accelerated format. We are 100% committed to achieving the result that will move your business forward and save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars when you begin marketing yourself.

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We guarantee 100% satisfaction without exception and are committed to providing a superb experience and measurable outcomes for your business.


What qualifies the Rock My Image team to facilitate this experience is a combined 50+ years of marketing experience and a proven approach in small business marketing. Rock My Image’s system and formula for small business marketing has culminated in the recent release of their book Amplify Your Business: A Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success Vol. 1 (available on Amazon.)

How Power Days Work:

Once you sign up for the Rockstar Professional Jumpstart Power Days event, you’ll complete a short assessment to establish your objectives for the retreat and get any questions answered. We do this to ensure that we meet your objectives so that you achieve the outcomes you seek. Since we guarantee results, this is an essential foundational step.


Here is the schedule for the event September 14-15, 2017:

Power Day #1: Thursday – 9 AM to 5:30 PM | Put Your Marketing on Autopilot Using Sales Funnels

Power Day #2: Friday – 10 AM to 3:30 PM | Design Your Attraction Marketing Action Plan

After the workshop, you will also have at least one follow up call to ensure satisfaction and to evaluate your outcomes. This is important because satisfaction is guaranteed and we want you to experience a quantifiable transformation.

What will we cover?

Together we will evaluate your entire personal brand, existing business model and current marketing efforts. Following our Rockstar Professional’s Blueprint™ you will outline a strategic roadmap for achieving your marketing goals. You will learn insights into modern marketing and know which tools and systems to use for maximum results.

Based on your goals, you will also discover what you need to achieve your individual outcomes.

Rock My Image Power Days

Who attends the Power Days?

The event is limited to at most 10 high-level, pre-qualified people who have all been pre-screened by us. People are evaluated for several factors that contribute to success, and sometimes people are not a fit. Not everyone who wants to attend the business growth workshop is able to, so rest assured that you will be with high-level professionals committed to outcomes just like you are.


What qualities are you looking for in attendees?

We are looking for rising Rockstar Professionals (RP). That’s who we want to work with, and that’s who wants to work with us. Most of our clients are also people who want to attract business and want to position themselves as visible, credible experts in their fields.


We screen participants to ensure that they share our values:

  • Trustworthy & Integrity Filled Reputations that help build our brand and business.
  • Passionate Spirits that keep us motivated and inspire others.
  • Positive Attitudes about our work and lives.
  • Bold Visions for our future and current success as well as our clients.
  • Creative Minds to produce great work.
  • Results Oriented Actions for a more effective approach.
  • Fun, Playful Environments to make coming to work and working with us a joy.
  • Smart People so we can learn from each other.
  • Leadership Abilities to grow in our careers, lead by example and teach others.

What does it cost to attend the Power Days?

Tickets are $647 for both days with VIP upgrade options available. Travel, lodging, food and entertainment is not included.

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Yes, I am ready to Thrive! Let’s Do This!