Rockstar Professional Mastermind (RPM)

What is the RPM Mastermind?

The Rockstar Professional Mastermind (RPM) is a peer-to-peer consulting program for highly motivated and aspirational industry experts.

Our focus and curriculum is geared towards empowering entrepreneurial professionals:

  • Develop your personal brand
  • Raise your influence
  • Build your audience
  • Monetize your expertise
  • Increase your profits
  • Live your BOLD Vision

What are the benefits of a Mastermind?

There are three main benefits to joining the group:

  • Accountability
  • Continued Growth
  • Expert Perspective

The most successful entrepreneurs have a tight knit circle of advisors and peers with diverse points of view and areas of expertise. They know they can rely on this trusted and experienced group. The mastermind helps them make better decisions and achieve better outcomes in business.

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RPM group members will enjoy:

  • Mutual support
  • Differing perspectives
  • Resources and tools recommendations
  • Accountability
  • Camaraderie with like minded, high-caliber professionals

BONUS Benefits:

  • Discounted admission to RMI events & products
  • Invites to RMI Socials

Why would I want to join this Mastermind as opposed to other professional groups?

The Rockstar Professional Mastermind is specifically focused towards entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to do what it takes to become the authorities in their industry.


Unlike other more collective groups or generalized masterminds, the RPM Mastermind members must share the common goal and vision of becoming Rockstar Professionals in their industry, share the values of the mastermind and be ready and willing to take the actions needed to reach success.

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Top 5 Facts About The Facilitator:

  • Over 15 years experience producing brands and developing marketing strategy
  • Co-Author of Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success: Vol. 1 available on
  • Professional speaker & leader in the community and marketing industry
  • Co-Owner of Rock My Image – The Attraction Marketing Agency
  • Developers of The Attraction Marketing Toolkit
Harvard Faculty Club's Mastermind Session

Am I a good fit to join the RPM Mastermind?

The Rockstar Professional Mastermind participants are being carefully selected. Selected candidates will provide the best possible chemistry and expertise to the entire group. You may be a good fit for the group if you can answer “Yes” to at least 3 of the following 5 questions:

The traits of a rockstar professional: 

  1. I aim to build a personal brand as an industry expert
  2. I aim to leverage my expertise into workshops or online classes
  3. I aim to leverage my knowledge as a speaker and/or author
  4. I aim to inspire, empower, and motivate others
  5. I aim to live a BOLD Vision both personally & professionally

What is the format of the Mastermind and how does it work?

Great question! We invite you to attend a preview session to experience a sample of a meeting first-hand.

How Do I Inquire About Joining the Mastermind?

To set up your interview for consideration into the group,
please click the link below:



Still not convinced? Hear what one of our members has to say: