Tips for Creating an Awesome, Rocking & Successful Webinar

As a marketer, one of the key aspects of creating a brand and reputation involves building credibility. Whether you are building your own personal brand or involved in building a brand for a company, credibility is a key component of a successful marketing effort. Webinars can be an awesome tool for helping you to connect with your audience, share your message, and build credibility. Webinars allow your prospects to see and hear you in action and if done correctly, can quickly establish you as an expert in your field.

Webinars also help you to build up your sales funnel. By offering a free webinar, you can capture a prospect’s email address, connect with them in the webinar, and continue to market your services after it is complete. If you are planning to include webinars as part of your sales process, we’d like to offer these Quick Tips for Creating an Awesome, Rocking & Successful Webinar:

Before you get started:

Some people get really excited about how easy it is to do a webinar and get started right away. While you don’t need to have everything perfect before you take action it is helpful to be prepared.

  • Know why you are creating the webinar
    Kenny Harper Webinar

    Kenny Harper, Business Growth Coach

  • Define who you are creating the webinar for
  • Outline what you are planning to cover and it’s value
  • Outline why people should care to attend your webinar
  • Outline an agenda
  • Promote the webinar
  • Be sure to have the right equipment to execute it successfully (lighting and microphone are key)

Running the Webinar:

Many underestimate the amount of effort it takes to run a successful webinar. It is not extremely challenging to do, but by putting a little more attention to your efforts you can achieve much better viewer retention and overall success.

  • Engage with the viewers, people like to be heard
  • Add in some entertainment, don’t be dry
  • Give an incentive to stay to the end of the webinar, or you may not keep attendees
  • Introduce speakers and personalize the introduction, people like to know a bit about the presenters
  • Share goals of webinar to the audience
  • Overview the content you are planning to cover
  • Try offering an additional incentive (such as a free download) to stick around until the end of the webinar
  • Present the core topics of the webinar providing details and good examples
  • Recap ideas
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Take questions and engage with attendees

Post Webinar:

Once the webinar is done the experience is not over! The follow up afterwards is an extremely important part to ensure that you engage the attendees and get them to take your desired actions.

  • Send a “thank you” to attendees with an incentive to take further action like downloading a white paper or ebook
  • Follow up with a call to action to persuade users to take action like scheduling a free demo or booking a consultation
  • Ask for feedback and take notes from your viewers and colleagues – there is always room for improvement

You may also consider looking into an automated marketing system where you can set up workflows to automatically follow up with e-mails based on user actions. At Rock My Image we help set up efficient automated marketing systems to leverage. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, contact us.\


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