Tips For Achieving Your Business Vision

By February 19, 2015Entrepreneur
Commit to Your Busines

Find Out Why You are in Business and Fully Commit to It

Once you decide to build a business and why you want to, you must fully commit to it. That sounds really easy but it’s a lot harder to actually do it. A lot of people know the things they want but will find many reasons or excuses to why they aren’t getting the results that they want. Others simply just aren’t focused on making continual improvements and taking the needed action to reach their vision.

Many business owners get caught up in the day to day actions of running a business while many marketers may get distracted by the latest marketing trends and strategies. They understand where they are trying to go, but get caught up in the busy work or following the crowd. Staying focused here is the key. If you can fully keep your eye on the prize and make continual progress towards reaching your goal, it is very likely you will reach it in time.

Working In the Business vs. Working On the Business

Here’s a scenario we often see:

Tom is a go getter business owner. He started his business in a challenged economy and has worked really hard to make it successful. At the start of the company, he was doing his own marketing to save money as he had a lot of time, but lacked the budget to hire professionals. Over time, his business picked up and he found himself busy managing employees, working with customers and operating his business. He tried to continue doing his own marketing, but his business became so busy he couldn’t find the time for it. He actually had to hire someone to complete some of the work he had acquired.

After completing some projects, the new sales leads and job requests slowed down. At first he wondered why the business had slowed down, but then he realized that he had been so busy working IN the business that he had neglected the marketing efforts. For the next several months, new sales leads and job requests happened in highs and lows due to the nature of his sporadic marketing and sales efforts. It also became difficult to budget market expenditures and track the success or failure of campaigns.

Eventually, he decided that he was tired of the unpredictability and decided to hire a marketing company. This helped a lot as he could focus on running his business and the marketing company could focus on making grounds in his marketing goals and sharing his vision and telling his story. This was an important step because Tom was able to focus on serving his customers and found his motivation. He was able to focus on why he started the business in the first place. Tom alleviated the frustrations of an unpredictable sales cycle, reduced stress and was more successful in the end.

Stay Focused

Studies have shown that multi-tasking is counter productive. While it may feel productive to get multiple types of tasks accomplished in a time frame because you’re busy, it has been proven that switching your attention back and forth to different things can hinder your success. The same can be said for making grounds in your business. This is not to say that you can’t work on multiple parts of your business at the same time, in fact you have to in order to succeed! Instead the point is, you must stay focused on accomplishing key growth goals in fewer numbers.

It’s important to define where you need to grow, determine the steps to achieve your goals, take the needed steps and track the progress. Review, refine and repeat. The key part of this process for keeping the focus is to define the need and actions and continue to review and take action.

Love it, Live It & Bring it to Life

There are far too many entrepreneurs, business owners and stars that just want the end results of fame, fortune and success without having to put in the leg work or the effort. This is not realistic. While there are some cases of companies quickly rising to the top with minimal effort, this is an extreme abnormality and not how things typically work. Now don’t get it wrong, we’re not saying don’t shoot for the stars and don’t be optimistic, but we are saying be prepared to live it.

Fear and doubt are two of the biggest culprits that stop people from reaching their dreams but there are other reasons people are held from reaching their goals. Most people have to work really hard for it for a long time over many challenges and setbacks until they finally reach their end goal. Many people make some progress but give up after being challenged. Other people realize the sacrifice and challenge it takes and don’t even try to achieve their goal.

Love what you do. This should not be too challenging if you really know the WHY to what you do. When you Love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like your passion. Energy and creativity are ignited to bring vitality to your vision. There may be some things you encounter that aren’t your passion that must be done, however as you grow find talented people to help coordinate those.

Live committed. You need to have the right mindset when committing to achieving your goals and a whole-minded perspective. Everything that you do in your life has an affect on your life. Making changes on the things you do in your life can make changes in the results you get in your life. Not just the work related actions you take but EVERYTHING. The food you eat, the books you read, the people you talk to, the attitude you foster, the way you communicate. If you really want to make progress work on improving your knowledge and sharpening the needed skills to reach your end result.

Bring it to Life. Bringing your vision to life definitely takes your full commitment and action. When you truly are aligned with clear direction, the right attitude and you are fully committed to your vision, reaching your goal only becomes a matter of time.

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich written in 1937 provides an outline of key principles to follow towards reaching your dreams and overcoming all obstacles. AMP provides an outline for identifying and putting some of these key concepts into action.

● DesireThink and Grow Rich
● Faith
● Auto-Suggestion
● Specialized Knowledge
● Imagination
● Organized Planning
● Persistence
● Master Mind

We recommend reading Napoleon Hill’s book in full as it goes into more depth and detail then we can include in this brief mention.


It’s easy to become distracted by all of the various tasks involved with running a business. Remember to stay focused so you can commit to your dream with faith, live it and share it with the world.

TAKE ACTION: Once you know your purpose and Why inside and out, commit to it with your full efforts, stay focused and tell it to everybody; tell your team, your customers, your friends and family. Love it, live it, and bring it to life.