Top 12 Key Takeaways from Social Boom 15

Social Boom is a conference organized by social media expert Kim Garst and her team from Boom Social and was held Sep. 2015 in Chicago. While searching for a national quality marketing conference to attend, this one jumped out at me due to the high quality of the speakers that would be presenting and the relevant, timely topics. Plus, who doesn’t love Chicago in the summer? Great weather, beautiful town and an easy to navigate airport and shuttle to the gorgeous hotel made it a no-brainer.

Social Boom 2015

L to R: @JenRDeVore, @SonjaDurik, @LeilaAnsart

The first night we were greeted after registration with an intimate cocktail reception to meet and mingle with the speakers and event attendees and enjoy a glass of wine and some heavy appetizers. Most of us had fun with the photo booth setup and wacky props to make our Instagram feed come alive. It was a lovely evening filled with great people and a positive, supporting environment where everyone was open about sharing successes!

The conference officially kicked off on Saturday with a full line-up of back to back presentations.

Here are the Top 12 Key Takeaways I Learned at SocialBoom15:

(Please note: there was so much information being delivered in a short timeframe and I probably learned 1,000 new ideas. I just jotted down the main ideas and did not attribute the ideas to the individual speakers. The speakers are listed at the bottom of this post.)

Top 12 Key Takeaways:

  1. Do not measure everything. Do not make market everything your business offers. Remember: Less is more.
  2. The “Jobs To Be Done” concept provides a framework for figuring out why people hire you which can improve your marketing message and strategy. Remember, people hire you to do jobs for them. By knowing this info we can be untouchable marketers.Education and Implementation


  3. Instagram Idea – create a hyper focused business account for your audience in addition to your personal account. Post mostly inspirational images and photos.
  4. YouTube- The video thumbnail image is key! No talking heads on opening graphic.
  5. YouTube videos should have key term at front of title.
  6. YouTube Goal: move them from the video channel to your mailing list.
  7. Add a CTA (Call to Action) at the back of the videos with annotations function.
  8. LIVE video is tops for engagement (Periscope).
  9. People buy from you not because who they are demographically (ex: females aged 40 that work in healthcare) but because of what problems they have and what you can do to help provide solutions.
  10. Run ads for both content and sales TOGETHER.
  11. For freemium downloads you may find that a “Checklist” will work better than “ebook” or “Download”.
  12. Target bloggers who write about your competition and get them to write about YOU.
Watch Jen's Periscope Video Saved on YouTube

WATCH: What I’ve Put Into Action Since Social Boom

One of the principles I live by is that the most important component to education is implementation. It’s one thing to go to a conference and take notes, but if you don’t IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned, than the time, money and effort is wasted.

Hear which actions we’ve already implemented!

VIDEO: Key Items Implemented Week One after Social Boom


In closing, THANK YOU to Kim Garst and all of the speakers for sharing your time and talents! See you next year!


Social Boom 2015 Speakers: